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Our Inventory management software systems generally began as simple spreadsheets that tracked the quantities of goods in a warehouse, but have become more complex. Inventory management software can now go several layers deep and integrate with accounting and ERP System The systems keep track of goods in inventory, sometimes across several warehouse locations. The software also calculates the costs -- often in multiple currencies -- so that accounting systems always have an accurate assessment of the value of the goods.

  • Web Based Solution The Operation & Maintenance Software Solution is a secured web based on demand solution, which can be accessed by Multi Users Management System users.
  • Track Operations & Maintenance Process User should be able to track all the Operation & maintenance activities which are processed as per the status defined in the software.
  • Users Association User should be able to associate with different departments within the software.
  • Users Management Comprehensive workflow system designed for the complete management of the Users and its types such as Inspection, Preservations and Maintenance.
  • Master Data Management Master Data like Products, items, clients, Vendors, prices, sale and Region & Zone etc., which are required for the transactions, can be easily imported and maintained.
  • User-Defined Fields (Custom Fields) The O&M system has the ability to cope up with the future requirements of the client.
  • Dashboards and Alerts Every department user will have their own, customized dashboard and appropriate modules/screens.
  • Security Provides secured connections for the data transferred between the browser and the database by implementing SSL and data encryption.
  • User & Rights Management User management and access to the users of this application are tightly controlled and configured in this Role based access control module.
  • Scalability The ability to handle 2 to 50 multi users, and all of the user’s details.

The Whole Inventory Management software solutions will be designed in HTML 5 and developed in core PHP using AJAX, java-query. The database will be managed through MySQL/Oracle. Some of the web characteristics shall cover the following criteria’s:

  • Responsive
  • HTML 5.0
  • Adaptability to run on all major browsers & platform independent.
  • Compatible with latest gadgets like iPads, tablets, smart phones etc.
  • Look & Feel with Structured navigational interface.
  • Easy to manage and handling at any user level.


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